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Thu, Feb 26th, @6:00pm - 07:30PM
Fish Fry Setup
Fri, Feb 27th, @4:30pm - 07:00PM
Fish Fry #6
Sat, Feb 28th
Blackthorn Concert and Dinner
Thu, Mar 5th, @6:00pm - 07:30PM
Fish Fry Setup
Thu, Mar 5th, @6:00pm - 07:30PM
Fish Fry Setup
Vivat Jesus

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Welcome to the official web site of the Mason Knights of Columbus Council #9182 Chartered at St. James Catholic Church on December 1, 1985. 




Fr. Kusi 

Grand Knight

Ronald O. Bates


Tom Feiten

  Deacon Al Turkovich

              Filled with the Grace of God, go we

Home Council to Frank March II, District Deputy, Dist. #63
Home Council to Eugene Murawski, State Ceremonials Director
Home Council to Donald Kill, Grand Rapids Pathfinders Degree Staff
Home Council to Thomas Murawski, Grand Rapids Pathfinders Degree Staff
Home Council to Fr. Kusitino Cobona, Chaplain, Pastor, St. James Catholic Church, Mason
Home Council to Fr. Michael Jacobus, Pastor, Holy Family Parish, Ontonagon
Home Council to Fr. Kenneth McDonald, DeWitt, Retired
Home Council to Fr. Alan Wakefield, New Buffalo, Retired

Link to the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council
Link to the Knights of Columbus Michigan State Council    
Link to the St. James Catholic Church   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Link to St. James Community Festival Website
Bishop Povish Assembly Fourth Degree email   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bishop Albers Assembly Fourth Degree website
Link to Deacon Tom Feiten's Blog 
Mason Council #9182 Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   

. ... 

 Our Winter/Lenten Fish Fries have started! Set up is on Thursday at 6:00 PM. Come on Down and pass the word to all your friends and family.



Mason Council # 9182 Knights of Columbus

 Now accepting Visa, Mastercard and Discover Credit Cards!! 

Money mouth This is your 2015, $1.00 off Coupon. Print this page and bring it to the Fish Fry. Foot in mouth

(Suggestion: Just print page 2) 

                                   2015 Fish Fry Menu

Kids 4 and under                                                           FREE 

KIDS MEALS 5-12                                                         $ 5.00   

SENIORS FISH & SHRIMP 1 TIME THRU [62 yrs ^]  $ 9.00

REGULAR FISH & SHRIMP 1 TIME THRU *             $ 10.00

ALL U CAN EAT FISH & SHRIMP                              $ 12.00

Senior Takeout Dinner                                                $  9.00

Regular Takeout Dinner                                              $10.00

(*1 TIME THRU includes three or four pieces of fish)

Fried Fish, Baked Fish, Shrimp, Cole slaw, Fresh Baked Dinner roll, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Baked Potato or Fresh Cut French Fries, Dessert Selection,  Coffee, Punch or Water

DATES                                           TIME: 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Fish Fry #6     February 27, 2015            
Fish Fry #7     March 6, 2015          
Fish Fry #8     March 13, 2015          
Fish Fry #9     March 20, 2015          
Fish Fry #10   March 27, 2015              


 Tables are reserved for our friends with Wheelchairs and Powercarts.


Location:  St. James Catholic Church, 1010 S. Lansing Street, Mason, MI 48854

  Also accessible across from 1100 South Cedar Street


TAKEOUT: Separate cashier! No waiting! Easy in and Take OUT


Click on "Fish Fry Placemat" below to see all our wonderful Fish Fry Sponsors and say Thank You when you see them. 

Fish Fry Placemat  


Here are the Seminarians that our Council is Sponsoring from the proceeds of our 2014 Vocations Golf Outing on June 7, 2014. Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors, donors and golfers.


1. David Fons – Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI
2. Brian Lenz - Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI
3. Ryan Riley - Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI
4. John Machiorlatti - Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI
5. Michael Gillman -  Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI
6. Andrew McCarthy -  Saint John Vianney Seminary St. Paul, MN
7. Joshua Fons - Saint John Vianney Sminary in St. Paul, MN. 


Pope Francis





Your Prayers are requested for Pope Francis, Fr. Kusi and for all the Clergy; For the Sainthood of our Founder, Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney; Any Brother ill or in distress; All Souls in Purgatory; Brother Knight, Chaplain, Fr.  Kusitino Cobona; Brother Knight Kevin O'Brien; Dawn Buechert; Brother Knight Ross Ried; Brother Knight Charli Heiler Family at the passing of Charli's Brother Ron, on February 9th; Brother Knight Charli Heiler Family at the passing of Charli's Mom Loretta, on January 31st; May Smith, wife of former member Edd Smith who passed away January 23rd; Tammy March; Brother Knight (Coffee & Doughnut Man) Charli Heiler; Linda Haueters Mom, Marie Hengesbach; Maryann May; Brother Knight Jerry DeRosa; Brother Knight Tom Sinnaeve; Brother Knight LeVon Allen; Andrew Harmon; Angie Knudstrup; Sister Maureen Martin, CSJ; Trent Bontrager; Brother Knight Jerry Eifert; Brother Knight Ross Ried; Brother Knight Charles Dadswell; Joyce Schulien; Brother Knight Stan Narodowiec; Brother Knight Duff Williams; Martha Williams; Brother Knight Frank March Sr.; Marge March; Max Maltby; Andrew Harmon; Adrienne Harmon; Ricky Belknap; Shirley Grieve; Gayle Pohl; Brother Knight Vince Guarnaccia; Brother Knight PGK Mark Leyko; For all the unborn; For all of our Veterans in Veterans Hospitals. 

Can you be a 24 Hour Knight? There are 8760 hours in a year. If you can give 24 hours to serve others, please contact the Mason Council #9182. Example: 12 Hours reading Church bulletins and K of C newsletters; 2 Hours at the Tootsie Roll Drive; 2 Hours at corporate communions (Mass); 2 Hours at Church, community or council projects; 2 Hours attending council meetings; 4 Hours with family enjoying council social functions. 


Please Pray for our Service men and women in harms way!

Want to learn about our Councils history quickly? Click on Membership and read the "Did you Know section". Wink

We pay tribute and give thanks to our founders and Charter Members in 1985: 

Father Kenneth McDonald, PSD FDD Richard McCloy, PGK FDD Eugene Murawski, Charles Brandell, Craig Chittle, Vincent Cimala, Francis Clery, Jules Degraeve, Ralph DeVitto, Deacon Thomas Feiten, David Fellows, Robert Ganzak, Deacon Dr. Vincent Guarnaccia, Edric Holdorph, Frank Hughes, Michael Jacobus, Irwin Jaehnig, John Jaehnig, Jay Jenson, Deacon Gordon Kilburn, Edward King, PGK PFN Robert Leyko, Mark Manning, Frank March Sr., John Memmott, Harold Milett, PGK Paul Miller, Mike Mitchell, Pat Mitchell, Clifford Nichols, Charles Schmitter, Frank Selinsky, William Sheridan, James Smith, Michael Spinsky, James Szymusiak, Stanley Theis, Kenneth Valley, Alexander Vanier, Dr. Timothy Zielinski

Charter Thumbnail

(click image for larger view)

(Click Here to see a copy of the Charter Dinner Program)

Some common abbreviations used by the Knights of Columbus: 

GK-Grand Knight     DGK-Deputy Grand Knight     PGK-Past Grand Knight     FS-Financial Secretary     DD-District Deputy    DW-District Warden  FDD-Former District Deputy     SD-State Deputy     PSD-Past State Deputy     SK-Supreme Knight     CO-Conferring Officer Third Degree

FN-Faithful Navigator, 4th Degree     PFN-Past Faithful Navigator, 4th Degree

MI Drive-Mentally Impaired "Tootsie Roll Drive"


© 2015 Mason Knights
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